Friktion and Fireblocks Launch Institutional DeFi Partnership

3 min readAug 30, 2022
  • Friktion, Solana’s leading portfolio management platform, enables Institutional access for DeFi through Fireblocks, the award-winning digital asset and crypto technology platform
  • Connects Fireblocks’ 1300+ institutional clients to Friktion Volts directly with the safety and convenience of the leading digital asset and crypto technology platform
  • Marks a first key milestone for Friktion Institutional, a new division focused on scaling their DeFi product offering to Treasuries, DAOs, and Asset managers
  • Friktion has amassed over 17,000 users and traded >$2.5 billion in volume across 25+ assets, with $40 million in Total Value Locked

Exploding institutional interest for DeFi

“Institutional appetite for DeFi continues to grow in popular blockchain ecosystems like Solana. Fireblocks’ DeFi suite offers alternative investors with the highest level of security when it comes to accessing Solana’s ecosystem of applications, with Friktion being one of the first Solana dApps.”

- Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks

The opportunities available in DeFi have made this multi-billion sector increasingly attractive to institutional investors, and leading institutions are taking meaningful steps into the ecosystem, from Goldman Sachs re-opening its cryptocurrency trading desk, Bridgewater Associates backing their first crypto fund to BlackRock launching spot bitcoin private trust for US clients.

Unlocking DeFi’s most powerful strategies — with scale and security

Friktion is now available to Institutions looking to access real yields in DeFi. Through our integration with Fireblocks, we’re making portfolio management accessible to thousands of Funds, Foundations, and businesses who require battle-tested security for their digital asset operations.

“Transparency, risk-adjusted returns, and security are paramount for institutions entering DeFi. Fireblocks provides a key piece of infrastructure to power Friktion Institutional, connecting the world’s leading institutions to real DeFi yields that perform across market cycles.

- Uddhav Marwaha, CEO of Friktion Labs

Why Fireblocks matters for institutional DeFi

Most institutions currently use browser-based apps, hardware wallets, or custom integrations to access DeFi protocols today. However, there are limitations to these methods such as:

  • Exposed private keys: The current methods can present a variety of security pitfalls for trading firms, hedge funds & OTC desks
  • Operational challenges: Utilizing a hardware wallet presents operational and governance problems for institutions
  • No audit trail: Institutions require a centralized audit trail for accounting and compliance purposes

To mitigate these risks, Fireblocks offers solutions delivering the required enterprise-level security, efficiency, and scalability.

How Institutions can access Friktion with Fireblocks

Fireblocks’ WalletConnect v2.0 integration offers the most convenient and secure way for institutions to connect to the Friktion interface right from the Fireblocks console. Existing Fireblocks users are able to connect to Friktion in 5 easy steps: Check out the guide here

About Friktion

Friktion is DeFi’s leading protocol for risk-managed yield strategies. Friktion 5 core products, Volts, are strategies for Institutions, DAOs, and Individuals looking to generate returns across market cycles. Institutions can access Covered calls, Cash-secured puts, Volatility harvesting (power perpetuals), Basis yield, and Principal protected strategies on 25+ crypto assets.

The platform has amassed over 17,000 users and traded >$2.5 billion in volume, with $50 million in Total Value Locked.

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