Friktion enables secure multi-signature access with Snowflake

3 min readAug 26, 2022

Friktion is proud to announce our partnership with Snowflake, a full-featured and institutional-grade multi-signature wallet. With this integration, Institutions, DAOs, and Crypto Asset Managers will have the ability to earn yields on their funds directly through Snowflake Safe.

Bringing enhanced security and real yield generation to Institutions with Friktion Volts.

Users will also be able to make use of the Snowflake Safe automation capability to set up automatic Volts deposits and withdrawals management on a recurring basis. This will unlock the true power of Friktion’s Portfolio Management — making rebalancing your Volt positions seamless! More on Snowflake Automation here.

To create your first Snowflake multi-sig, check out this great guide!

Here’s how you can start using Friktion with Snowflake Safe :

Step 1: Visit the Snowflake website and select Friktion in the App Store

Step 2: Explore the Friktion interface and select your Volt (strategy) and Asset that you would like to deposit into. Keep with the smooth native User Interface of Friktion you’re used to!

Step 3: Input your Deposit amount and Click “Deposit”! Don’t forget you can select your Voltage (risk level).

Step 4: Create the Proposal and click “Submit”

Step 5: Check the details and “Execute” the transaction. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message.

That’s it! 5 simple steps to earn yields through Friktion via the Snowflake platform.

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About Friktion

Friktion is Solana’s leading protocol for risk-managed yield strategies. Friktion’s 5 core products, known as Volts, are building blocks of DeFi portfolios that perform across market cycles. The platform has amassed over 17,000 users and traded >$2.5bn in volume. The protocol’s mission is to enable access to long-term sustainable DeFi yields.

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