Friktion partners with Paradigm to bring institutional liquidity to DeFi

Delivering superior pricing to Friktion users

As a liquidity partner, Paradigm will enable access to an expansive network of 700+ counterparties who account for nearly 30% of daily global crypto options flows. This will further unlock efficient price discovery and execution for Friktion auctions while preserving the non-custodial DeFi guarantees that we value.

Building for long-term DeFi yield generation

Friktion Volts are essential building blocks of DeFi portfolios, enabling risk-adjusted return generation that can perform across market cycles. Fundamental to this is a deep, liquid market for the underlying components of Volts. With the growth of Volt#04: Basis Yield, a delta-neutral long/short basis strategy, Friktion will tap into Paradigm’s perpetuals marketplace to deliver an innovative DeFi/CeFi integration.

About Paradigm

Paradigm is an institutional liquidity network for crypto derivatives traders and crypto protocols across both CeFi and DeFi ecosystems. The platform provides traders and crypto protocols unified access to multi-asset, multi-protocol liquidity on demand without compromising on execution preferences, costs and immediacy. The firm’s mission is to create a platform where traders can trade anything, with anyone and settle it anywhere.

About Friktion

Friktion is Solana’s leading protocol for risk-managed yield strategies. Friktion’s core products, known as Volts, are becoming building blocks of DeFi portfolios that can perform across market cycles. The platform, launched in December 2021, has amassed over 15,000 users and done nearly $2bn in volume since. The protocol’s mission is to enable access to long-term sustainable DeFi yields. Learn more at



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Friktion brings high quality portfolio management to DeFi.