Friktion partners with Paradigm to bring institutional liquidity to DeFi

“We are excited to collaborate with the Friktion team as they continue to build out key DeFi primitives in the Solana ecosystem. Friktion has been at the cutting edge of innovation since their launch and we are delighted to help support their incredible pace of product innovation with our best in class liquidity and automated RFQ workflows.”
- Anand Gomes, CEO, Paradigm

“Our partnership with Paradigm will further unlock efficient price discovery and execution for Friktion auctions while preserving the DeFi guarantees we value. Bringing the largest CeFi options liquidity network to Solana is the first step in our plan to scale liquidity across venues for Friktion. We’re proud to be working with Anand and his team who have been building since the earliest days of crypto options.”
- Uddhav Marwaha, CEO, Friktion Labs



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