Friktion’s Lightning Angels

2 min readMay 23, 2022

by: Friktion Core Contributors

Today we’re excited to announce Friktion’s Lightning Angels — individuals who have been supporting Friktion’s journey to bringing full-stack portfolio management protocol to DeFi. We are honored to have the counsel of this talented group of Founders, Investors, and Crypto evangelists as Friktion’s Angel investors.

Lightning Angels have been influential in Friktion’s ability to iterate rapidly and think through Volt design (Friktion’s products), navigating markets, and scaling. Many have been personal mentors to us (core team) long before starting Friktion.

Without further ado…introducing Friktion’s Lightning Angels:

Alex Svanevik — CEO @ Nansen

Santiago Santos — Crypto Investor, prev Investor @ ParaFi

Ryan Selkis — Founder @ Messari

Chris McCann — Solana OG, Partner @ Race Capital

Jason Yanowitz — Cofounder @ Blockworks

Jordi Alexander — CIO @ Selini Capital

Joe McCann — Solana OG, Investor @ Asymmetric

SolBigBrain — Solana OG, Investor @ BigBrain VC

DCF God — Professional shitposter

Greg Magadini — CEO @ Genesis Volatility

Calvin Liu — DeFi builder and Investor, prev Strategy @ Compound

Michael George — Partner @ Wave7, Founder @ Catalina Whales

Jai Bhavnani — Pentagon, Cofounder @ Rari Capital

Avi Felman — Crypto @ GoldenTree

Tory Reiss — CEO @ Equi

Nick Chong — Angel investor, prev Investor @ ParaFi

As Friktion grows, we’re confident this group of advisors will be great sounding boards and help us navigate the highs and lows while we build.

About Friktion

Friktion is Solana’s leading protocol for risk-adjusted yield strategies. Friktion’s core products, known as Volts, are building blocks of DeFi portfolios that can perform across market cycles. The platform, launched in December 2021, has amassed over 15,000 users and done nearly $2bn in volume since. The protocol’s mission is to enable access to long-term sustainable DeFi yields. Learn more at

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