Introducing Friktion

Your DeFi portfolio manager, built to perform across market cycles.

Note (May’22) : Since the release of this article (Dec’21), some key information about protocol structure may be outmoded: please refer to the Documentation below for the most up to date information. 👇

: @friktion_labs
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📈 Crypto asset management isn’t easy!

Friktion introduces an Automated Portfolio Manager (APM) into the DeFi ecosystem, offering both active and passive strategies, known as Volts. The APM provides a set of profit opportunities for Users, finding ways to maximize returns while capturing volatility yield in various market environments. Starting with options and non-linear products, we aim to identify sustainable sources of yield and bring risk management into the ecosystem!

⚡ Volts are Solana’s first structured products

Volts are Friktion’s native designed products. They allow anyone to invest and trade structured products with principal protection, yield generation, and volatility in mind.

The first Volt strategies include Covered Calls, Protected Puts, Volatility Yield, and a custom Hedge for Impermanent Loss. Learn more here!

Volts identify and capture the best options, futures, perpetuals, and spot pricing across on-chain exchanges (CLOB, AMM, OMM), market makers, and within the protocol.

🖐🏼 Who is Friktion for?

Passive investors and liquidity providers: Automated portfolio management to generate returns across market cycles. Input your existing portfolio of spot, perps, liquidity provisioning positions, and deploy Friktion’s to determine how to protect and better grow your assets. Hedge your Impermanent Loss while earning APYs you love.

Active traders: Deploy optionality (leverage with liquidations) to trade and earn through products like covered calls, protected puts, iron condors, and straddles on your favorite DeFi assets. Arbitrage mispricing's between assets and their volatilities. Make money independent of whether the market is moving up or down!

DAOs, developers, and protocols: Identify and manage the risks of your protocol and Treasury, enabling your team to focus on core product and community building. Better incentivize long-term contributors through Custom Liquidity Mining.

Friktion’s multi-sided platform

🤝 Partners

We’re excited to announce our first partnership with Solana’s leading options exchange, PsyOptions, which runs on Serum!

Are you building a derivatives primitive, DAO, or a protocol looking for a sophisticated treasury and risk management solution?
Let’s jam! Shoot us a note or drop some time to chat on our calendar.

❓ Why Solana?

DeFi on Solana has a distinct advantage of high throughput (tps) at low transaction costs and fast finality, which makes it a natural fit for a variety of financial primitives which comprise a majority of notional trading volume in conventional markets. In addition, the rate of developer innovation is inspiring and we believe only a glimpse of what is to come.

We recently submitted our DevNet v1 to the Solana Ignition hackathon
Check out and like 👍 our
Submission Post and Video!

👫 Team

Our core contributors came together from working in quantitative research and proprietary trading firms (commodities, treasuries, volatility products, crypto assets), full-stack blockchain engineering, monetary policy, and UI/UX design. We’ve been building together since 2016.

📧 If you’d like to work or connect with us, please drop a note at or reach out on Twitter



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