ZettaBlock wins Friktion’s Prize in Solana Riptide Hackathon

3 min readApr 19, 2022


by: Friktion Core Contributors

We’re proud to announce the winner of Friktion’s $30,000 prize in the Solana Riptide hackathon: ZettaBlock. Thank you to all 32 teams who submitted projects for our prize — we enjoyed reviewing your work — find us in Discord and let’s keep building!

Our thesis: Since the launch of our first Volt, nearly 17000 unique users have interacted with our Volts across 28 products. With the largest set of structured product strategies offered in DeFi, it’s clear that we need a reliable portfolio tracking service for users to gain insights on their performance across strategies. Giving every user the ability to easily track performance and real-time PnL is a priority for Friktion to deliver best in class full-stack portfolio management, and we’re excited to work with ZettaBlock on this. Most data infrastructure solutions we’ve engaged with are incomplete, too high touch, or just too slow — until now!

This is where ZettaBlock comes in!

ZetaBlock’s data infrastructure provides the customizability and scalability needed to power Portfolio Analytics for every Friktion user. Using this infra, we’re building a Portfolio Management experience unrivaled across CeFi and DeFi. As we’ve demonstrated with our Institutional grade Analytics page, Friktion aims to set the DeFi standard for transparency and risk management. Thanks to the progress made by the ZettaBlock team during the Riptide Hackathon, the data pipeline we’re building out enables continuous PnL tracking, performance, and risk management for any Friktion user. As Friktion Volts become strategy legos within portfolios, reliable portfolio analytics will be critical to build a killer UX.

About ZettaBlock

ZettaBlock builds essential data infrastructure for web3. Their platform provides web3 devs with queryable APIs to generate core insights via on-chain and off-chain signals — all without the complexity of maintaining infrastructure and sub-second latency. OpenSea, amongst other leading on-chain data consumers, utilize ZettaBlock infra. Additional use cases include:

  • Institutional trading: Perform subsecond cross-chain analytics to power algorithmic trading strategies
  • Retail trading: Identify most profitable traders since chain inception and subsequent wallet cluster notifications
  • Security: Train AI-powered models to track illicit activity with live on-chain and off-chain data
  • Interactions: Select key users for launch based on their interactions with the project and historical on-chain transactions
  • NFT Recommendation Engine: Boost marketplace activity by tailoring user suggestions

Follow the team on Twitter: @ZettaBlockHQ

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